Company profile

Corporate philosophy


With a foundation supported by our involvement
with "heat" and "people",
TOYO-RO will provide "heat"
in the form of "passion" to satisfy our customers,
and we will do everything in our power
to create products that customers want
and have those products provided
"by people to people".

Company data

  • Company name
  • Established
    September 28, 1967
  • Representative Director
    Misako Amano
  • Head office
    270 Tanjo, Mihara-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka
  • Business mission
    Manufacturing and sale of industrial heat treatment facilities
  • Capital
    30 million yen
  • Bank
    Matsubara branch of the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Matsubara branch of the Osaka City Shinkin Bank
  • Number of employees
  • Organization membership
    • Supporting member for The Fasteners Institute of Japan
    • Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association
    • Supporting member for Seibu Metal Heat Treatment Association

Company profile

  • July 1967:
    Establishment of a personal business in Yao, Osaka
  • September 1967:
    Change to a corporation with a million yen in capital
  • September 1968:
    4 million yen in capital
  • January 1970:
    10 million yen in capital
  • July 1970:
    Construction of a new plant in Habikino
  • September 1974:
    20 million yen in capital
  • May 1976:
    Construction of a new plant in Mihara
  • December 1976:
    30 million yen in capital
  • April 1977:
    Movement of the headquarters to the Mihara Plant
  • November 1989:
    Construction of a new headquarters building
  • May 2005:
    ISO14001 accreditation
  • June 2007:
    Opening of a showroom
  • March 2008:
    Construction of a second plant
  • September 2008:
    Organization of commitment line syndication arranged by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • October 2010:
    Opening of the Nagoya Office
  • April 2011:
    Opening of the US Warehouse in Columbus, Indiana
  • July 2012:
    Opening of the Bangkok Office in Bangkok, Thailand
  • July 2013:
    Establishment of our US subsidiary in Columbus, Indiana.
  • May 2014:
    Relocation of the Nagoya office to Anjo city, Aichi.
  • February 2015:
    Establishment of a local corporation in Thailand.
  • February 2015:
    Formation of a business alliance with PT. MURASE INDONESIA (MURASE FURNACE MFG. CO., LTD.).
  • February 2018:
    National Energy Efficiency Award 2018
  • March 2018:
    Completion of New Factory Building
  • June 2018:
    Opening of the Nagoya Office
  • April 2021:
    Opening of Second Factory Building

Our Locations


    270 Tanjo, Mihara-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka 587-0011, Japan

    TEL:+81-72-362-1661 FAX:+81-72-362-6375

  • Nagoya Office

    Tsutsumimachikoubatsukizimusyo102, Teraike2-1, Tsutsumicho, Toyota-shi, Aichi, 473-0932, Japan.

    TEL:+81-565-51-5300 FAX:+81-565-51-5301

  • USA

    c/o SWI, 3475 West International Court, Columbus, IN 47201, USA.

    TEL. +1-812-342-2409 FAX. +1-812-342-3257

  • Thailand

    5/55 Moo3 Napa Subdistrict Muang District Chonburi 20000 Thailand.

    TEL. +66-38-441-441  FAX. +66-38-441-443

  • Indonesia

    JI Marga Guna Raya No.9 Pondok Indahkel Gandaria Selatan,Kec. Ciandak , Jakarta Indonesia.

    TEL. +62-217206920 FAX. +62-7206924

Environmental efforts

Environmental initiatives

TOYO-RO has received ISO 14001 certification. We have put much effort into environmental conservation activities in all aspects such as environmentally-friendly design and development of industrial furnaces, industrial waste prevention, recycle, resource saving.


Environmental Policy

The basic philosophy of TOYO-RO is that "we work hard for environmental conservation and perform environmentally-friendly corporate activities" to make "sustainable developments" with local community and all human beings.

  1. TOYO-RO considers adequately the impact on the environment resulting from business activities such as design and manufacture of heat treat furnaces and miscellaneous devices and performs environmental preservation activities within a technical and financial limit.
  2. The environment management aims to prevent environmental pollution and perform continuous improvements in the environment management system and performance through goal achievements, corrective activities, internal audit, management, reviews.
  3. TOYO-RO complies with regulations relating to the environment and requirements for the industry standard and spontaneous standard.
  4. To achieve environmental policy, TOYO-RO formulats environmental objectives and goals within a technical and financial limit and promotes environmental conservation activities. The environmental policy should be a framework for formulations of environmental objectives and goals and revisions.
  5. TOYO-RO focuses on following items on our factory site regarding environmental preservation activities.
    1. ① We strive to develop and design environmentally-friendly products.
    2. ② We reduce the environmental load not to occur complaints as much as possible.
    3. ③ We promote suppression of industrial waste, conservation of resources, and inmprovements.
    4. ④ We continuously perform environmental contribution activities to the surrounding area.
    5. ⑤ We promote product keeping operations and developments to be based on front-end.
  6. Environmental policy is made known to every employee to perform it. And also we try to make associate companies understand our environmental policy. Environmental policy will be updated depending on changes of the organization and the environment.
  7. Environmental policy must be allowed ordinary people to obtain. And it must be opened over the internet.

Application: Head office, Nagoya office, Nara plant
Examining Authority: Japan Quality Assurance Organization