Meshbelt conveyor type heat-treatment furnace line

TOYO-RO’s continuous furnaces that can meet various needs

TOYO-RO® thoroughly pursues cost reduction and maintainability based on its advanced technology.
The top sales in the industry for over half a century prove its high performance.
We have been focusing on the development of new products in the pursuit of more advanced energy savings.

Capacity: 1,000 kg/Hr line for automotive bolts

Capacity: 1,000 kg/Hr line for automotive bolts

Capacity: 600 kg/Hr line for automotive nuts

Capacity: 400 kg/Hr line for automotive screws (carburizing treatment)

Toyo-ro Industries. Co.,Ltd proudly received
National Energy Efficiency Award in 2018.

This prestigious award was given by Energy Conservation Center Japan in recognition for our newest technology to conserve energy by 31% without compromising high performance level. Our latest robust heat-treatment furnace is reduced in size, and contains innovative material with a diversified heat recycling system. This sets a new standard for the industry and we are honored for this acknowledgement.