Our advantages

History of technology

The group of newly developed products, which started with the development of gas furnaces in 1980, has been evolving year by year.
Our offices have been expanding overseas from 2012, and are moving towards the next generation.

TOYO-RO has been involved with "continuous furnaces" for half a century since its foundation.
Its history is the progress of the accumulation of technological development and know-how.

TXG was developed and a patent obtained in 1985.

In 1980, we succeeded in changing the heat source from electricity to gas and in so doing realized a drastic cost reduction in heat treatment, and in 1985, in order to realize a further energy saving, we succeeded in developing TXG (a direct furnace connection type atmosphere gas generator). This allowed us to realize further cost reduction in heat treatment.
This is a major foundation for TOYO-RO currently in terms of energy and space saving development.


The group of newly developed products in the 1990s.

In the 1990s when we developed a group of products that supported TOYO-RO such as blackening furnaces (1986), constant parts feeding system (1992), smoke prevention unit development (1994) and P/C systems (1998), we proceeded with 'monozukuri' (production) which was the creation of higher quality products by not only achieving delivery results but also reflecting our customers’ requests and hopes in the product development itself.
We have been repeatedly improving the product group throughout the 2000s through results obtained in the field.
This is the result of our being particular about and placing importance on our customers’ opinions.

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Expansion overseas since 2012

In response to the good delivery results we had obtained from overseas, we started to open offices there. In 2012, we opened a representative office in Thailand followed in 2013 by the establishment of "TOYO-RO AMERICAN., INC." in Indiana in the USA and in 2015 that of a local corporation "TOYO-RO (Thailand) CO., LTD." in Thailand. In the same year, we formed a business alliance with PT. MURASE INDONESIA (the Indonesian corporation of MURASE FURNACE MFG. CO., LTD.) in Jakarta, Indonesia so that the service in the ASEAN region expanded.


Next generation "continuous furnaces"

TOYO-RO, which has been involved with "continuous furnaces" for half a century since its foundation, is producing current products with the support of our customers and associated companies. We will continue to meet customer demands and contribute to society by producing products as only we can, in answer to the opinions of our customers.