Our advantages


We accept maintenance requests throughout the year. We value relationships that start from repair work.

We not only accept maintenance requests 362 days a year but have in place a system where we can visit the site first.

Acceptance 362 days a year

We provide repairs and maintenance service for malfunctions 362 days a year excluding end of year and New Year holidays. Even overseas, we accept maintenance service requests from the second of January. We have a system of dispatching professional maintenance service personnel from our locations in Japan and overseas so that we can dispatch our staff to the site anytime.


"Genbashugi"-On-site needs come first

Basically, our motto is "never turn down repair requests no matter how unexpected". Although there is the matter of discussing the situation with the customer, and preparing the conditions and environment etc., for anywhere in Japan and even overseas we have a system in place for dispatching maintenance service personnel with the view to visit the site first in order to check the locality.


From maintenance to new development

Basically, companies in the equipment and machine industry are subject to complaints. However, complaints and repair requests from customers who are actually using our products provide us with important data. Off course, we soon discuss repairs and countermeasures but we also give feedback as to what needs to be improved those working on new product development. We are constantly striving to keep evolving our products and to reflect that feedback into the products we provide our customers.