Integrated production management system

TOYO-RO® has established a comprehensive production system
for planning, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

The products we produce are not standardized industrial furnaces.
We can closely and flexibly meet customers’ needs in all processes such as design, improvement and machine selection.

Step 1

Sales and marketing/design/planning and development

The sales department receives orders and the design department creates drawings and proposals. By repeating preliminary discussions and meetings, we do not simply produce standardized industrial furnaces but also meet customers’ needs closely and flexibly in all processes such as changes and improvements at the design stage as well as the selection of each part and machine. To this end, we have been making an effort to reduce the number of repairs and complaints on site by creating highly accurate drawings.

Step 2


We purchase parts from reliable associated companies and proceed to the manufacturing and assembly process. Parts to be used for supply and maintenance after the start of operation are based on records. Also in the assembly process, we create products by taking advantage of the know-how we have accumulated for many years. Additionally, we have introduced various checklists in order to establish traceability.

Step 3

Installation/Trial operation

All employees work for all our customers. In order to realize the concept of TOYO-RO® ‘monozukuri’ (production), we have been promoting information sharing so that customer information is known by not only the personnel in charge but also by all employees. Also, we have been promoting a system where not only the personnel in charge of sales and marketing and design but also every officer worker at Head Office is aware of this so that they can share information equally.

Step 4


Products are delivered and inspected after a final specification check, but TOYO-RO® places importance on our maintenance system. To respond to repair requests and complaints that arise after the equipment starts operating at customers’ sites, we have keep record for each item of equipment for each customer and manage repair histories in the record for each line.