Our advantages

Corporate philosophy

Moving towards TOYO-RO’s new challenge

This is a new corporate philosophy established in 2015. With the mission of responding to customers’ passion for "monozukuri" (production), we have been producing continuous furnaces for half a century. This became the power to create technology to realize the dreams of the entire industry, and we have continued to evolve up to this day. We were able to achieve this thanks to "people" and we were able to keep implementing technological innovation because of our consideration for "people", something of which we are proud. From now on, all TOYO-RO employees will work together as one to continue facing new challenges with this philosophy at heart.


With a foundation supported by our involvement
with "heat" and "people",
TOYO-RO will provide "heat"
in the form of "passion" to satisfy our customers,
and we will do everything in our power
to create products that customers want
and have those products provided
"by people to people".